‘Body of Evidence’ by Patricia Cornwell

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Following the death of a writer, Kay Scarpetta is drawn into the search for her murderer. With a valuable manuscript missing and a mystery surrounding why the dead woman appears to have let the killer into her house, Scarpetta discovers someone from her own past may be involved in the mystery. Untangling the web of secrets surrounding the writer’s life and her relationship with an ageing reclusive author, the inquisitive medical examiner learns that she too, may be on the killer’s hitlist.

This is the second book in the Kay Scarpetta series and like the first one it’s a cracker. However, unlike the first one, this isn’t a straightforward tale. Ms Cornwell leads us through a maze of possible suspects that never seem to move the investigation forward, but like all good murder mysteries, the clues are there, and the narrative builds towards a frightening denouement. Though the author’s dialogue tags still irk me a little, her writing is otherwise flawless and kept me rapt from start to finish.

A thoroughly entertaining murder mystery.

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  2 comments for “‘Body of Evidence’ by Patricia Cornwell

  1. 01/05/2022 at 6:36 PM

    HI Colin, I have read a few books in this series and enjoyed them. Thanks for this excellent review.


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