‘Dark Skies’ by LJ Ross

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

A secret camping trip turns sinister leaving one person dead. Thirty years later the body surfaces during a diving expedition in Kielder reservoir, prompting a police investigation.  DCI Ryan decides to treat the death as suspicious until another body is found. But are the two cases linked, and if so, how? Having recently returned from honeymoon, Ryan is reluctant to follow orders back at base, especially as his new boss is an old adversary. Ordered to split up his team, Ryan determines to do his best under the new regime. Meanwhile, loyal underling Jack Lowerson is offered a new position and blames Ryan for holding him back. But the young copper’s new pal has a reputation and it’s not a good one…   

This is book 7 in the DCI Ryan series and it’s another cracker. Unlike some reviewers, I loved the plot of this one and the variety of suspects who lead the cops in a merry dance around Kielder reservoir and its environs. Harking back to events in earlier books, jailed copper Gregson makes an appearance and as the police close in on the killer (or killers), the story takes an interesting turn.

I read most of this book in a single sitting and enjoyed every minute of it. An absolute cracker.  

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