‘A Sunny Day in Oldham’ by Joy Mutter

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Detective Sergeant Mark Jenkin has a lot on his plate. Swivelling between two families and two sons, he must keep on his toes to stay ahead of suspicion. But when an elderly woman is killed in her own back garden, Mark’s complex double life begins to spin out of control. Can he hunt down the killer without dropping himself in the brown stuff? And will viscous villain Rory treat him nicely when he discovers Mark’s adulterous affair with the ex-con’s wife? Contains sexually explicit material.

I’ve lost track of how many books I’ve read by this author, so I’m familiar with her quirky style of writing. This time around there’s less blood and gore, though an abundance of sexual shenanigans. As usual, the exploits of her hero detective take the lead in the story, while crossbow-wielding killer Vladimir Milankovitch, whose own carnal capers are on a par to Mark’s, is the trigger that threatens to unravel the canny cop’s naughty adventures.

A fun romp that entertains from start to finish.  

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  3 comments for “‘A Sunny Day in Oldham’ by Joy Mutter

  1. 23/07/2022 at 1:38 PM

    When I saw this notification, I recognised the name of the author. You must have posted other reviews by here. This one sounds entertaining.


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