‘Non-Suspicious’ by Ed Church

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

When a British war veteran is found dead in a churchyard, Homicide marks it as non-suspicious. However, DC Brook Deelman wants to find out more, if only to track down the old man’s relatives. As he begins to delve into the man’s past, he learns of another veteran who might be able to fill in the gaps. Only trouble is, before Deelman can get to him, the man winds up dead. If the two deaths are linked, who’s killing them and why?

This is the first of Ed Church’s Brook Deelman mysteries and it’s a cracker. The tale gets off to a good start, establishing an exciting pace for the rest of the book. The story shifts between 2016 and 1945, the gradually unfolding plot allowing us to build up a picture of what might have happened. But then the author turns the whole thing on its head, throwing curve balls like they’re going out of fashion.

Ed Church is an excellent storyteller and kept me entertained and enthralled all the way through. His characters are fully formed and fascinating, and with writing that is witty and clever, I couldn’t have wished for a better mystery. The denouement took me by surprise but made perfect sense as well as giving me plenty to think about afterwards.

A cracking good read.  

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  2 comments for “‘Non-Suspicious’ by Ed Church

  1. 31/07/2022 at 7:09 PM

    Your last paragraph is a high recommendation. I’ll look for this.


    • 31/07/2022 at 7:23 PM

      Thanks, Robbie – it’s a great read and a bit out of the ordinary for a crime novel.


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