‘And Brother it’s Starting to Rain’ by Jake Needham

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Now retired from Singapore CID, Sam Tay has time on his hands. When John August comes calling asking a favour, Sam isn’t sure what to make of it. August needs help tracking down a woman involved in a murder plot – a plot to kill John August.  Knowing August has done him a few favours in the past, Sam can hardly refuse, but with very little to go on – no name, no photograph, and no address, Sam can’t see what he can do. Luckily, curiosity gets the better of him and he agrees to do a little digging.

This is the book no 5 in the Inspector Samuel Tay series. Having now read the whole series, including book 6 – Mongkok Station, I’m familiar with the characters and love the author’s sharp and quirky writing style. Like the other books, this one gets off to an intriguing start, with Sam considering a trip to Thailand to track down a woman who could be involved in the murder plot. However, the story then backtracks a little to reveal what led John August to believe someone is out to kill him. As always, the plot is clever and witty, guiding the reader through twists and turns that keep the tension simmering away while never quite allowing us to see what’s coming. As the story progresses, the scene moves to Washington and the CIA, with a level of detail that makes the whole thing utterly believable.

Another thrilling tale from this hugely talented author.

NB Book 7 in the series – Who the Hell is Harry Black – will be out later this year.

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  2 comments for “‘And Brother it’s Starting to Rain’ by Jake Needham

  1. 19/08/2022 at 6:59 PM

    I like the sound of sharp and quirky writing, Colin.


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