‘West Winds’ by Riaz Phillips

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Celebrating Caribbean cooking and the flavours of Jamaican cuisine, Riaz Phillips has put together a substantial collection of recipes that range from simple soups and jerk chicken to protein-rich smoothies and vegan corn beef.

This is a hefty tome packed with colour photographs and hundreds of recipes old and new. As a recent convert to veganism, I was interested to see what the author had to offer in terms of plant-based meals. There are plenty of standards such as a vegan version of peppered steak (using tofu), recipes for curries, rice and (new to me) beetroot fritters and plantain porridge. For meat eaters, there are tasty treats including fried chicken, braised pork and curried goat. There’s even a section on raw foods, including raw pizza, plantain, seaweed and berry curry and an Irish moss smoothie. The book also has recipes for some yummy cakes – date gizzada, toto, and peanut drops.

Although some recipes call for ingredients that may not be familiar, this book will certainly add some new ideas to your cookbook shelf.

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