‘The Last Party’ by Clare Mackintosh

My Review (5 stars out of 5)


Celebrity Rhys Lloyd throws a party on New Year’s Eve but some of the guests have their own special reasons for attending. Before the night is over, a murder is committed, casting suspicion on everyone present. Since the death occurred close to the England/North Wales border, local copper DC Ffion Morgan is tasked with investigating the case, along with Liverpudlian DC Leo Brady. As the pair begin to interview partygoers, they soon find that an awful lot of people could have gained from Lloyd’s death, and as they strive to uncover the truth, the secrets start to pour out…

This is the first book in the DC Ffion Morgan series and the first one I’ve bought by this author. The plot is a clever one and Ms Mackintosh keeps the twists and turns a-coming, throwing in the occasional diversion to throw us off the scent. The writing is sharp and to the point and the banter of the main characters is masterfully done. Also, the development of the relationship between Leo and Ffion’s characters is handled well and by the end, both have altered considerably, though (no spoilers here) that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re guilt-free 😉

The audiobook is splendidly read by Chloe Angharad Davies, who does justice to the variety of accents and emotions, giving the whole thing a more dramatic feel.

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  2 comments for “‘The Last Party’ by Clare Mackintosh

  1. 26/09/2022 at 2:39 AM

    Not a fan of audiobooks, but on the strength of your review, I’ve downloaded it through Apple Books. I’ve read and enjoyed twenty pages so far. A good indicator.


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