‘Dying to Date’ by Sharmyn McGraw

My Review (3 stars out of 5)

Relationship expert Kristina Truly has a habit of dating the wrong men, but that doesn’t stop her from promoting her self-help books via her Finding Mr. Right, Not Mr. Perfect seminars. When three women are murdered, Detective Jakes realises all the victims attended Kristina’s workshops. But is Kristina behind the murders, or has the killer added her name to his list?

This is the first book in Sharmyn McGraw’s ‘Dying to…’ series, though the others don’t seem to be out yet. Being mainly a murder/mystery fan, I don’t tend to read many books with a romantic aspect to them, usually because I’m too interested in finding out who the killer is. I liked the premise of the book and there’s plenty of suspense in what is mostly a light-hearted and fun read. Having said that, while I liked Jakes, I didn’t care much for the character of Kristina and found her antics a bit irritating.

A light-hearted murder mystery that’ll appeal to cosy-mystery fans.

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