‘Heart of Bone’ by Maggie James

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

When her son dies, Greer Maddox’s world falls apart.  After his heart is donated to someone else in a transplant, Greer becomes obsessed with tracking down the patient – Nathan Taylor – hoping to somehow continue her relationship with her dead son’s heart. But Nathan isn’t quite what she expects and following what appears to be a promising meeting, Greer discovers that a missing woman has been found murdered. When she learns that the dead woman may be linked to Nathan, Greer begins to wonder if he could be the killer. But Nathan isn’t the only one with something to hide…

Having read most of this author’s books, I was keen to see if this latest one would demonstrate, yet again, her talent for telling compelling stories. I’m happy to say it ticked all the thriller-type boxes to the extent that once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down and finished the book in one sitting. The story grabbed me right from the start, the tension building gradually all the way through. The pacing is good and there was never a time when I felt the need to skip passages, or when the story lacked interest. All the characters are well drawn, especially Greer, Nathan and Charlie. I liked that there was a bit of mystery about Charlie from early on, as if he might have something to hide, but not enough to make me too suspicious. Also, the early creepiness surrounding Greer that then slides over to Nathan is well done. I didn’t quite work out the ending, but that’s always a bonus, as no reader wants to guess what the author’s planning.

Another thrilling read from this highly gifted author.

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  2 comments for “‘Heart of Bone’ by Maggie James

  1. 09/12/2022 at 5:00 PM

    HI Colin, I can see how the idea of your son’s heart in another body could be very strange. This sounds compelling.


    • 10/12/2022 at 8:39 AM

      It’s an interesting idea and like all Maggie’s books, very well written.

      Liked by 1 person

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