‘Longstone’ by LJ Ross

My Review (4 stars out of 5)

Local historian Doctor Anna Taylor is called in to help with cataloguing after the discovery of Viking treasure off the northeast coast, but when the body of a diver is washed up, it’s time for Anna’s detective husband to step in. DCI Ryan has his work cut out when a possible murder is followed up by another one. With some of the locals not quite telling the whole truth, he must dig deep to uncover the mystery behind the diver’s murder.

I first started reading these books five years ago and, like always when I discover yet another author with a hefty backlog, it takes time to catch up. This is book 10 in the DCI Ryan series and finds the canny cop searching the waters off Seahouses for clues to a murder. The story didn’t grab me quite so much as with the other books and Ms Ross still has a tendency to drop in clichéd phrases and sometimes unwieldy dialogue tags. Nevertheless, the denouement is interesting and unexpected. Which is nice.

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