‘The Flight’ by Heather J Fitt

My Review (4 stars out of 5)

On a flight to the Caribbean, young mum Melissa finds her nursing skills called upon when one of the passengers dies suddenly. At first it appears the woman may have suffered a heart attack, but later begins to look as if she has been poisoned. After a second person dies, the passengers start accusing each other. But who is the killer, and will he or she strike again before the aircraft can land?

This is the first book I’ve read by this author and as it’s a short read, I finished it in a single sitting. I liked the setup of having a murder on an aeroplane, as it confines the killer and their victims to a restricted space where no-one is able to escape. The book switches between first person and omniscient narrator (a technique that never fails to irritate me) starting with the killer expressing their knowledge of poisons. As we move on to each of the main characters, we hear about their backstories and gain an understanding of their individual hopes, dreams and frustrations. Melissa stands out as the most likeable of the bunch, though most of the others are the sort of people you’d want to avoid at all cost – especially on an aeroplane.

The twist at the end didn’t surprise me, but the book is otherwise an entertaining and curious example of the classic whodunit.

Author Bio

Heather was born in Scotland and after moving around Europe with her parents and sister, settled in Hampshire where she met her husband, Stuart.

After leaving the rat-race in 2018, Heather re-trained as an editor and proof-reader and entered the world of publishing. These days she works as a part-time freelancer and a part-time Commissioning Advisor for Bloodhound.

Heather was inspired to start writing her novel by the authors who have become her closest friends. Now the ideas are flowing she has plans to write several more over the coming years.

When she isn’t reading, Heather enjoys spending her time watching sport –­ especially her beloved rugby – and exploring the British countryside with Stuart.

Heather’s debut novel will be published by Bloodhound in Summer 2021.

For regular bookish updates, you can follow Heather on Twitter: @LifeBookish

NB This post first appeared as part of the Blog Tour for ‘The Flight’.

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