‘Broken Rhodes’ by Kimber Silver

My Review (4 stars out of 5)

Back in the town where she grew up in Harlow, Kansas, Kinsley Rhodes wants answers. Following the murder of her grandfather, she needs Sheriff Lincoln James to track down the killer. But Kinsley and the sheriff don’t see eye to eye. Kinley’s difficult past won’t allow her to get close to anyone, especially good-looking guys who make assumptions. But the investigation soon uncovers several individuals who have ambitions on the land Kinsley has inherited, placing her life in danger…

This is Kimber Silver’s first novel, though she’s written lots of short stories. Broken Rhodes centres on the death of an old man whose granddaughter Kinsley is thrown into turmoil when faced with a town sheriff who seems unwilling to fade into the background. As Sheriff James also happens to live next door, he’s often hovering around and very soon the town gossips get to work, opening up old wounds for Kinsley. The story is a mix of romance and mystery and though some of the domestic scenes went on a little too long for my liking, there’s also a decent dollop of action as the threats to Kinsley’s life build to an exciting denouement.

An enjoyable read with interesting characters and suitably roguish villains.

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