‘Go Not Gently’ by Cath Staincliffe

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Private investigator Sal Kilkenny must manage childcare and domestic chores while checking up on an errant wife and snooping around a nursing home. When a man suspects his wife of playing away, he asks Sal to find out where she goes. Meanwhile, an elderly woman worried about her friend’s deterioration after moving to a nursing home, leads Sal to think the client might be wasting her money. But when a batch of tablets are found containing a higher dose than normal, she starts to dig a little deeper. 

This is book 2 in the Sal Kilkenny Mystery series and as with the first one, it mixes domestic issues with more serious ones. Still struggling to make a living from her preferred profession, Sal is faced with a seemingly ordinary and unproductive follow-my-wife case. As the investigation takes an unexpected turn, Sal is shocked to find herself explaining her actions to the police. I love the northern humour of Ms Staincliffe’s writing and the way she peppers the very ordinary day-to-day life of her heroine with the, at times, more dangerous elements. The story isn’t quite as gripping as the first book, and though it takes a little while to get going, Ms Staincliffe cleverly racks up the tension as Sal and her client encounter a pair of determined villains.

There were a few formatting issues with the Kindle version, but otherwise this was a jolly romp that kept me guessing right to the end.

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