‘Laundry Man’ by Jake Needham

My Review (5 stars out of 5)

Former high-flyer with a Washington law firm, Jack Shepherd has taken a job teaching international finance in Bangkok, where he expects life to roll along with no possibility of excitement or thrills. But when a former colleague calls him out of the blue, it’s a bit of a surprise – particularly as the man is supposed to be dead. When he begins poking his nose in, Jack soon discovers links with the CIA and the FBI. And more importantly, fifty million dollars of stolen cash.

Having already read book 6 in the Jack Shepherd series, I though it was about time I went back to the beginning. As with all of Jake Needham’s books there’s plenty of detail that give the story a realistic feel, in this case mostly to do with financial shenanigans. Though some of those details went over my head, the story kept me interested with its gradually increasing tension as our hero uncovers ever-more threatening facts. He also must deal with the downward spiralling status of his relationship with his girlfriend, who, quite naturally, doesn’t want Jack getting himself into a situation that might pose a threat to his life. Though I enjoyed laundry Man, it didn’t seem to have the same zing to it that the author’s Samuel Tay series has. However, it’s still a great read and I’ll be moving on to book 2 in the series soon.

A great read with a complex and intriguing plot.

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