Bedside Table

What I’m reading and what I’ve read…

As Stephen King says in his book On Writing:

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others:
Read a lot and write a lot.

Being an avid reader, my virtual and actual to-read bedside table is always piled high. These days, my to-read pile is so vast, it’s moved to a bookshelf in my living room.

I read ebooks and paperbacks and usually have an audiobook on the go, too. My TBR list includes classics, favourite authors and indie publications. Reviews are interspersed with regular blog posts (see my Blog).

I give each book a mark out of five. The abbreviation DNR means I read it but didn’t write a review, or it bored and/or irritated me and I didn’t finish it. If you’re an author or publisher interested in requesting a review, check out my submissions procedure, though bear in mind I’m not adding new books to my (very long) reviewing list for the foreseeable future.

Bookwise, I tend to jump from one author/subject to another, and before someone else mentions it, I do know there are books here that I probably should have read years ago, but what can I say? I’m catching up.

Currently Reading

Wilson, Edward: The Darkling Spy
King, Stephen: Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption
Cleeves, Ann: Cold Earth

Reviewed Books

Ward, Matthew: Queen of Eventide (5)

Crouch, Robert: No Easy Answers (5)
Grafton, Sue: A is for Alibi (4)
Marino, Andy: The Seven Visitations of Sydney Burgess (5)
Ryan, LT: Noble Beginnings (DNR)
Needham, Jake: Laundry Man (5)

Neill, Sam: Did I Ever Tell You This? (5)
Chalmers, Chris: Dinner at the Happy Skeleton (5)
Miller, Kelly: A Dutiful Son (4)
Coates, Darcy: The Haunting of Ashburn House (DNR)
Gatiss, Mark: The Vesuvius Club (4)

Dixon, Keith: Killing the Invisible (5)
Walker, Tim: Thames Valley Tales (4)
James, Peter: Not Dead Yet (5)
Mills, Haley: Forever Young (4)
Staincliffe, Cath: Go Not Gently (5)

Parry, Ambrose: The Way of All Flesh (5)
Kitchen, Brian: Divided Empire (4)
Beevis, Keri: The Summer House (3)
James, Peter: Dead Man’s Grip (5)
Tuomainen, Antti: The Healer (5)

Cornwell, Patricia: The Body Farm (5)
Silver, Kimber: Broken Rhodes (4)
Newman, Paul: The Extraordinary Life of an Ordinary Man (5)
Mutter, Joy: The Storms of Padstow (5)
Larsson, Stieg: The Girl Who Played With Fire (5)

Rickman, Alan: Madly, Deeply (5)
Markin, Wes: The Lonely Lake Killings (3)
Porter, MJ: King of Kings (4)
Hill, Susan: The Small Hand (4)
Biswas, Damyanti: The Blue Bar (3)

Leonard, Elmore: The Bounty Hunters (DNR)
Fitt, Heather J: The Flight (4)
Cleeves, Ann: Thin Air (5)
Jones, Matthew: Dancing with the Devil (4)
Sivers, Dave: In Ice (5)

Harris, Robert: The Fear Index (4)
Bonneville, Hugh: Playing Under the Piano (5)
Staincliffe, Cath: Looking for Trouble (5)
Himes, Chester: The Real Cool Killers (DNR)
Cornwell, Patricia: Cruel and Unusual (5)

Ross, LJ: Longstone (4)
O’Connor, Sean: The Haunting of Borley Rectory (5)
Temple, Peter: Black Tide (4)
Taylor, Jodi: Just One Damned Thing After Another (3)
James, Maggie: Heart of Bone (5)

Sigurdardottir, Yrsa: The Day is Dark (4)
McGraw, Sharmyn: Dying to Date (3)
Keeler, Christine: Secrets and Lies (5)
Porter, MJ: The Automobile Assassination (4)
Griffiths, Elly: The House at Sea’s End (5)

West, LM: This Fearful Thing (5)
Ross, LJ: The Hermitage (5)
Harris, Thomas: Hannibal (5)
King, Stephen: Christine (5)
Grant, Richard E: A Pocketful of Happiness (5)

Gibbons, Peter: Warrior and Protector (5)
Rendell, Ruth: The Water’s Lovely (3)
Six, David: Two Eyes for an Eye (4)
Foote, Shelby: Follow Me Down (5)
Mullen, Owen: Thief (5)

Cleeves, Ann: Dead Water (5)
James, Peter: Dead Like You (5)
Wright, Lawrence: The Looming Tower (5)
Mackintosh, Clare: The Last Party (5)
Phillips, Riaz: West Winds (5)

Browne, John Henry: The Devil’s Defender (5)
Aiken, Joan: The Fortune Hunters (DNR)
Ross, LJ: Seven Bridges (5)
Needham, Jake: And Brother it’s Starting to Rain (5)
Child, Lee: Personal (5)

Penn, JF: Stone of Fire (5)
Joseph, Wendy: Unlawful Killings (5)
Church, Ed: Non-Suspicious (5)
Smith, David James: Supper with the Crippens (5)
Hemingway, Ernest: A Moveable Feast (5)

Mutter, Joy: A Sunny Day in Oldham (5)
Cornwell, Patricia: All That Remains (5)
Blackwood, Morwenna: Underrated (4)
Bates, Stephen: The Poisonous Solicitor (5)
Crouch, Robert: No Escape (5)

Ketchum, Jack: Off Season (5)
Herbert, James: The Fog (4)
Abagnale, Frank W: Catch Me if You Can (3)
Cleeves, Ann: Blue Lightning (5)
Ross, LJ: Dark Skies (5)

Stearman, Kathy: It’s Not About the Gun (4)
Mukherjee, Abir: A Rising Man (5)
Pirtle, Caleb: Bad Side of a Wicked Moon (5)
Hoeg, Peter: Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow (5)
Doherty, Thomas: Little Lindy is Kidnapped (5)

James, Peter: Dead Tomorrow (5)
Tedeschi, Mark: Missing, Presumed Dead (5)
Mizushima, Margaret: Burning Ridge (4)
Blok, Rachael: The Fall (3)
Needham, Jake: The Nineteen (5)

Seal, Mark: Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli (5)
Cornwell, Patricia: Body of Evidence (5)
Ross, LJ: Cragside (5)
Pelonero, Catherine: Kitty Genovese (5)
Dixon, Keith: Actress (5)

Ross, Orna: Before the Fall (5)
O’Mahoney, Bernard: Essex Boys (DNR)
Herbert, James: Ash (4)
Cleeves, Ann: Red Bones (5)
Harryman, Kathleen: When Darkness Falls (4)

Adams, Guy: The Clown Service (5)
Milne, AA: The Red House Mystery (4)
Mutter, Joy: The Brothers Grimshaw (5)
Kelman, James: How Late it Was, How Late (5
James, Peter: Dead Man’s Footsteps (5)

Rees, Jasper: Let’s Do It (5)
Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Nazeer (4)
Cornwell, Patricia: Postmortem (5)
Kidd, Jess: Things in Jars (5)
Forbes, Helen: Unravelling (4)

Longmuir, Chris: Night Watcher (4)
Bolton, Sharon: Now You See Me (5)
Whaley, Simon: Foraging for Murder (4)
Larssen, Bjorn: Storytellers (3)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: The Belgravia Sanction (4)

King, Stephen: The Dead Zone (5)
Setterfield, Diane: Once Upon a River (5)
Egan, Eoghan: Hiding in Plain Sight (4)
Towndrow, Chris: Tow Away Zone (4)
Kesey, Ken: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (5)

Mains, Johnny: The Legacy of the Pan Book of Horror Stories (3)
Child, Lee: Never Go Back (4)
Mullen, Owen: Hustle (5)
Rarick, Ethan: Desperate Passage (5)
McIlvanney, William: Laidlaw (5)

Tilbury, Mark: Poetic Justice (5)
Wiseman, MK: Sherlock Holmes and the Singular Affair (5)
Cleeves, Ann: Telling Tales (5)
Kirwan, Barry: When the Children Return (4)
Helvig, Kristi: The Boy Who Wasn’t There (5)

Morris, Thomas: The Dublin Railway Murder (5)
Suzuki, Koji: Ring (3)
Grisham, John: A Time to Kill (4)
Clark, Chris and Tate, Tim: Yorkshire Ripper: The Secret Murders (5)
Evesham, Frances: Murder at the Abbey (3)

James, Peter: Not Dead Enough (5)
Toolis, Kevin: Rebel Hearts (5)
Caine, Michael: Blowing the Bloody Doors Off (5)
Mullen, Owen: Insider (5)
Child, Lee: A Wanted Man (5)

Margolyes, Miriam: This Much is True (5)
Guinn, Jeff: Manson (5)
Iles, Francis: Malice Aforethought (5)
Larsson, Asa: The Savage Altar (5)
Shute, Nevil: A Town Like Alice (5)

Mullen, Owen: The Accused (5)
King, Stephen: Carrie (5)
Rogers, Gemma: The Babysitter (4)
Ireland, Sandra: The Unmaking of Ellie Rook (5)
Mutter, Joy: Nuru and His Crows (5)

Needham, Jake: The Girl in the Window (5)
Sjowall and Wahloo: Roseanna (5)
Hodel, Steve: Black Dahlia Avenger (5)
James, Maggie: She’ll Never Tell (5)
Williams, Tom: Burke in the Land of Silver (4)

Brickhill, Paul: The Great Escape (5)
Lee, Carol Ann: A Passion for Poison (5)
Larsson, Stig: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (5)
Easter, Patrick: The Watermen (4)
James, Peter: Looking Good Dead (5)

Highsmith, Patricia: The Talented Mr Ripley (5)
Coletta, Sue: Pretty Evil New England (5)
Timberlake, Ben: High Risk (5)
Holder, Nancy and Deck, Margie: Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street (5)
Dixon, Keith: The Bleak (5)

Stanley, Kateri: Forgive Me (4)
Needham, Jake: The Dead American (5)
Woods, Donald: Biko (5)
Dennis, Ralph: Atlanta Deathwatch (5)
Henderson, Deric: Let This Be Our Secret (4)

Walker, Tim: Guardians at the Wall (5)
Sounes, Howard: Fred and Rose (5)
Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Anna (5)
Crouch, Robert: No Going Back (5)
Levin, Ira: Rosemary’s Baby (5)

Grisham, John: The Firm (4)
Greene, Graham: Brighton Rock (5)
Perry, Anne: The Cater Street Hangman (DNR)
Rogerson, Suzanne: The Sentinel’s Reign (4)
Burke, Richard T: Termination: The Boy Who Died (5)

Shaefer, Jack: Shane (5)
Holmes, Anna M: Wayward Voyage (4)
Himmel, Richard: The Chinese Keyhole (4)
Symon, Vanda: Overkill (5)
Muir, Isabella: After the Storm (4)

Child, Lee: The Affair (5)
Lynch, Rachel: The Rift (5)
King, Stephen: The Dark Tower 1 (5)
Rigby, Sally: Kill Shot (3)
James, Peter: Dead Simple (5)

Marshall, DL: Anthrax Island (5)
Kaye, Dr Philippa: Doctors Get Cancer Too (4)
Bassoff, Jon: Captain Clive’s Dreamworld (4)
Cleeves, Ann: The Crow Trap (5)
Dixon, Keith: The Two Fathers (5)

Sedaris, David: When You are Engulfed in Flames (5)
Therme, Erik: If She Dies (5)
King, Stephen: Dolores Claiborne (5)
Needham, Jake: The Umbrella Man (5)
Highsmith, Patricia: Strangers on a Train (4)

Fairfax, Simon: A Deadly Deal (3)
Gaiman, Neil: Neverwhere (5)
Harper, EJ: Lazarus Remembered (5)
Aaronovitch, Ben: Rivers of London (5)
Mullen, Owen: Family (5)

Chantree, Lizzie: Networking for Writers (5)
Rogerson, Suzanne: The Lost Sentinel (4)
Kirwan, Barry: When the Children Come (5)
Mutter, Joy: Troubled (5)
Scott, Brandon Q: Are You Actually Going to be Prolific… (3)

Tuomainen, Antti: The Man Who Died (5)
Cain, James M: Double Indemnity (5)
Cleeves, Ann: White Nights (5)
Straub, Peter: Ghost Story (5)
Seafield, Lily: Scottish Witches (3)

Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Sabine (5)
Needham, Jake: Mongkok Station (5)
Keogh, Valerie: The Deadly Truth (5)
Mutter, Joy: Potholes and Magic Carpets (5)
Ellroy, James: The Big Nowhere (5)

Bodenham, Martin: Crime and Justice (5)
Novella, Steven: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe (4)
Lee, Carol Ann: A Fine Day for a Hanging (5)
Brittle, Gerald: The Demonologist (3)
Vane, Kate: Still You Sleep (5)

Simeonon, Georges: Pietr the Latvian (4)
Dixon, Keith: The Hard Swim (5)
Crispin, Edmund: The Moving Toyshop (4)
Crouch, Robert: No Love Lost (5)
Amis, Kingsley: Lucky Jim (4)
Patrick, Ian: How the Wired Weep (4)
Pirtle III, Caleb: Back Side of a Blue Moon (5)
Hawkins, Jack: Anything for a Quiet Life (5)
Mullen, Owen: In Harm’s Way (5)
Zaidi, Malia: The Quality of Mercy (4)

Masters, Brian: The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer (5)
Mullen, Owen: Deadly Harm (5)
Grist, Mike: Saint Justice (5)
Greenwood, Ross: The Snow Killer (DNR)
Wood, Naomi: Mrs Hemingway (5)
Mutter, Joy: Trouble in Cornwall (5)
Croft, Adam: Too Close for Comfort (3)
Newman, Mark J: Violence in the Blood (4)
Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Noel (5)
Daws, Robert: The Rock (4)

James, Peter: Absolute Proof (5)
Ross, LJ: High Force (5)
Bortinski, Leopold: Midtown Huckster (5)
Spivak, Mark: The American Crusade (3)
Walker, Tim: Arthur Rex Brittonum (5)
Gillespie, Carole: Flying Start (4)
Anderson, Lin: Driftnet (5)
Blue, Nicky: Hot Love Inferno (4)
Allen, Woody: Apropos of Nothing (5)
Summerscale, Kate: The Suspicions of Mr Whicher (5)

Collings, Michaelbrent: Stranger Still (5)
Johnston, Antony: The Tempus Project (4)
Brand, Christiana: Fog of Doubt (5)
Bortinksi, Leopold: The Bowery Slugger (4)
Cleese, John: So Anyway… (5)
Smith, David and Lee, Carol Ann: Evil Relations (5)
McKay, Sinclair: The Mile End Murder (5)
Dick, Philip K: Blade Runner (5)
Mutter, Joy: The Trouble with Trouble (5)
Lander, Lex: Spanish Rock (5)

Temple, Peter: Bad Debts (5)
Blatty, William Peter: The Exorcist (5)
Reed, Samuel W: Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves (4)
Robinson, Bruce: They All Love Jack (5)
Dixon, Keith: I May Kill You (5)
Dawson, Mark: The House in the Woods (5)
Mutter, Joy: Her Demonic Angel (5)
Ross, LJ: Angel (4)
Sereny, Gita: The Case of Mary Bell (5)
Sedaris, David: Calypso (5)

Crouch, Robert: No Mercy (5)
Lee, Carol Ann: The Murders at White House Farm (5)
McVeigh, Jennifer: Leopard at the Door (5)
Christie, Agatha: The Pale Horse (3)
Ireland, Sandra: Bone Deep (5)
Child, Lee: Worth Dying For (5)
Levin, Ira: The Boys from Brazil (5)
Frank, Anne: Diary of a Young Girl (5)
Pasternak, Boris: Doctor Zhivago (3)
Leitch, Maurice: Seeking Mr Hare (5)

Parnell, Edward: Ghostland (5)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Die Every Day (5)
Chabon, Michael: Wonder Boys (5)
San Giacomo, Ernesto: Storm of Divine Light (5)
Rossi, Francis: I Talk Too Much (5)
Konrath, JA: Whiskey Sour (5)
Morris, John: The Clydach Murders (5)
Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Isobel (5)
Brown, Antony M: The Green Bicycle Mystery (5)
Mitchell, Emma: When Stars Will Shine (5)

James, Maggie: Silent Winter (5)
McMaster, Kathryn: Kids who Kill: Austin Sigg (5)
Dixon, Keith: The Private Lie (5)
Horror Writers Association: On Writing Horror (4)
Andrews, Julie: Home Work (5)
Barker, Clive: The Hellbound Heart (5)
San Giacomo, Ernesto: Stasis (5)
French, Tana: In the Woods (5)
Mullen, Owen: Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead (5)
McMaster, Kathryn: Couples who Kill: Elytte and Miranda Barbour (5)

Jackson, Shirley: The Haunting of Hill House (4)
Collings, Michaelbrent: Scavenger Hunt (5)
Everett, Peter: Corrupt Bodies (5)
Child, Lee: 61 Hours (5)
Moon, Brigitta: Murder Games (4)
Lander, Lex: She Kills (4)
Tierney-Bedord, Holly: Murder at Mistletoe Manor (4)
Herbert, James: Domain (5)
Lee, Jean: Night’s Tooth (5)
Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem and Waterhouse, Anna: Mycroft Holmes (DNR)

Dolan, Jack: Desert (5)
Bennett, Arnold: The Card (5)
King, Stephen: On Writing (5)
Dixon, Keith: Altered Life (5)
Oswald, James: Nothing to Hide (4)
Bardwell, Jeffrey: The Knight’s Secret (3)
Lawrence, M Nysschens: The White Globe (DNR)
Ellroy, James: The Black Dahlia (5)
Renehan, RJ: The Art of Darkness (3)
Wright, Iain, Rob: The Gates (DNR)

Firmin, Rusty and Pearson, Will: Go! Go! Go! (5)
Steinbeck, John: The Grapes of Wrath (5)
Greenwood, Kerry: Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates (4)
Noah, Trevor: Born a Crime (5)
Ross, LJ: Heavenfield (5)
Penn, Joanna: Business for Authors (5)
Achebe, Chinua: There Was a Country (3)
Wyndham, John: The Kraken Wakes (3)
Flanders, Judith: The Invention of Murder (4)
MacDonald, Ross: The Moving Target (5)

McNamee, Graham: Beyond (5)
Collings, Michaelbrent: Predators (5)
Lander, Lex: Reaction of the Tiger (4)
Graysmith, Robert: Zodiac (5)
Stevenson, RL/Shelley, Mary/Stoker, Bram: The Monster Collection (5)
Bauer, Belinda: Blacklands (5)
Crouch, Robert: No More Lies (5)
Child, Lee: Gone Tomorrow (4)
McMaster, Kathryn: Kids who Kill: Kelly Ellard & Warren Glowatski (5)
Chandler, Raymond: The Little Sister (5)

Richards, Matt and Langthorne, Mark: Somebody to Love: The Life, Death and Legacy of Freddie Mercury (5)
Griffiths-Jones, AJ: Black Sparrow (5)
Mullen, Owen: Out of the Silence (5)
Mosse, Kate: Labyrinth (5)
Katz, Ellie: Love and Kisses from My Padded Cell (5)
Albanese, Joe: Caina (4)
King, Stephen: Cujo (5)
Rubenhold, Hallie: The Five (Audiobook) (5)
Cheadle, Robbie and Eaton, Elsie Hancy: While the Bombs Fell (5)
Grisham, John: The Reckoning (Audiobook) (5)

King, Catriona: A Limited Justice (4)
Haynes, Elizabeth: The Murder of Harriet Monckton (5)
Gapinski, James, R: Edge of the Known Bus Line (4)
Pryke, Helen: The Healer’s Secret (4)
Child, Lee: Nothing to Lose (4)
McMaster, Kathryn: Kids who Kill: Sandy Charles (5)
Moon, Brigitta: The 13th Hour (5)
Doyle, AC: Sherlock Holmes: The Definitive Collection (5)
Dawson, HA: Never to be Ignored (4)
Heatley, Paul: Violent By Design (5)

Fielding, Fenella and McKay, Simon: Do You Mind if I Smoke? (4)
Brown, Antony M: Move to Murder (5)
Berkeley, Anthony: The Poisoned Chocolates Case (5)
Banda, Suhmayah: Charlie the Fearless and Tancho the Brave (4)
Mullen, Owen: Games People Play (5)
James, Neal: Short Stories – Volume 2 (5)
Sayal, Varun: Time Crawlers: Stories From Parallel Universes (DNR)
Steel, Harriet: Trouble in Nuala (4)
Dixon, Keith: The Lonely Grave (5)
Greene, Graham: Our Man in Havana (5)

Alatorre, Dan: Dark Visions (5)
Strauss, Lee: Murder on the SS Rosa (4)
Wells, HG: The Island of Doctor Moreau (3)
Jones, Nath: Radar Road: the Best of On Impulse (4)
Fleming, Ian: You Only Live Twice (DNR)
Rohmer, Sax: The Mystery of Dr Fu Manchu (3)
McMaster, Kathryn: Kids who Kill: Cristian Fernandez (5)
Richards, Ant: Damned if I Don’t (DNR)
Cooper AC: Visitor to Blue Lake (4)
Johns, Captain WE: Biggles and the Black Peril (3)

Lee, Jean: Fallen Princeborn: Stolen (4)
Rule, Ann: The Stranger Beside Me (5)
McMaster, Kathryn: Kids who Kill: Eric Smith (5)
Cramer, Scott: Eden Chip (4)
Ross, LJ: Sycamore Gap (5)
Ferguson, Niall: Empire (Audiobook/hardback) (5)
Titus, Richard: The Gift of the Quoxxel (4)
Canning, Patrick: The Colonel and the Bee (4)
King, Stephen: Salem’s Lot (5)
Mutter, Joy: The Trouble with Liam (5)

Cooper, AC: Murder in Blue Lake (5)
Jackson, David: A Tapping at my Door (Audiobook) (5)
Reid, PR: The Colditz Story (4)
Stewart, Craig: Worship Me (5)
Stark, Ken: Arcadia Falls (5)
Harter, Karl: Winter of Frozen Dreams (3)
Ecke, KM: Moral Panic (4)
Books, Exo and Shor, Karina: Schmuck the Buck (4)
Francis, Felix: Refusal (5)
Blue, Nicky: Escape from Samsara (4)

Sounes, Howard: Heist (5)
Douglass Lima, Annie: Heartsong (DNR)
Thorne, Tamara and Cross, Alistair: Darling Girls (DNR)
Crouch, Robert: No Remorse (5)
Roy, Chris: Her Name is Mercie (DNR)
Dickens, Charles: Oliver Twist (5)
Huber, Linda: The Paradise Trees (5)
James, Maggie: Deception Wears Many Faces (5)
Jenkins, Steven: Blue Skin (4)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Tears of Fire (5)

Moon, Brigitta: A Husband’s Will of Fortune (4)
McCammon, Robert: The Queen of Bedlam (5)
Ball, Brendan: Thieves in the Night (DNR)
Leins, Tom: Meat Bubbles and Other Stories (4)
Rule, Ann: Green River, Running Red (5)
Lowe, Jez: The Dillen Doll (4)
Morgan, Michelle: The Battered Body Beneath the Flagstones, and Other Victorian Scandals (4)
Newman, Kim: The Hound of the D’Urbervilles (4)
Fry, Stephen: The Fry Chronicles – An Autobiography (5)
Selzer, Adam: HH Holmes – The True History of the White City Devil (5)

Cross, Alistair: Sleep Savannah Sleep (4)
Ross, LJ: Holy Island (5)
Daley, Martin: The Casebook of Inspector Armstrong DNRV
Trow, MJ: Crimson Rose (4)
Christie, Agatha: Peril at End House (4)
Dixon, Keith: The Song of Geneva Chance (5)
Guinn, Jeff: The Road to Jonestown (5)
Wyndham, John: The Midwich Cuckoos (5)
Lock, Joan: Scotland Yard’s First Cases (5)
Verne, Jules: A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (5)

Herbert, James: Lair (5)
Keyes, Edward: The Michigan Murders (5)
Wells, HG: The Invisible Man (5)
Fasone, Rob: Santas Claus Vampyre Slayer (DNR)
James, Neal: A Ticket to Tewkesbury (4)
Patel, Sheila: The Magic Vodka Wardrobe (4)
Hughes, JD: Northman (5)
Richmond, SC: Pictures of Deceit (4)
Lane, Mark: Last Word (5)
Hines, Rafael Amadeus: Bishop’s War (DNR)

Dahlhaus, Jacky: Killing a Vampire (5)
Jade, Elizabeth: Akea (4)
Messenger, Jack: Four American Tales (5)
May, Tam: The Order of Actaeon (5)
Cheadle, Robbie: Sir Chocolate and the Baby Cookie Monster Story and Cookbook (5)
McCammon, Robert: Speaks the Nightbird (5)
Robson, G & R: London Large: Blood on the Streets (3)
Greene, Graham: The Third Man (5)
Colqhoun, Kate: Mr Briggs’ Hat (5)
Keith, Dixon: One Punch (5)

Summerscale, Kate: The Wicked Boy (5)
Herbert, James: The Rats (5)
Twain, Mark: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (5)
Dawson, Mark: The Cleaner (5)
Six, David: Look Fast or Die Slow (5)
Kozma, Andrew: A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs and Other Stories (4)
San Giacomo, Ernesto Ragged Souls (5)
Leather, Stephen: Nightfall (5)
O’Hare, Brian: 11:05 Murders (4)
Preston, John: A Very English Scandal (5)

Crouch, Robert: No Bodies (5)
Beaton MC: Death of a Gossip (3)
Needham, Jake: The Ambassador’s Wife (5)
Mutter, Joy: Random Bullets (4)
Hartje, Shawn: Pipeliner (3)
Graham, Peter: Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century (5)
Mutter, Joy: Confronting the Hostile (Audiobook) (5)
Six, David: For Weeds Will Grow (5)
King, Stephen: The Dark Half (5)
Harper, Peter: Cascade (5)

Hogan-Gulliver, Faye: Noctis: Transcendal Series (DNR)
Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451 (DNR)
Harris, Thomas: The Silence of the Lambs (5)
English, Lucy: Girl Ghosted: A Penny Wade Mystery (4)
Mutter, Joy: Confronting the Hostile (5)
Crouch, Robert: No Accident (5)
King, Stephen: The Running Man (5)
Dahlhaus, Jacky: Raising a Vampire (5)
Thomas, Valerie: Ashes to Ashes (DNR)
Harris, Thomas: Red Dragon (5)

Tomlinson, Dave: Around the World in 80 Tales (4)
Skate, Martin: Start Right Here (DNR)
Earle, Robert: She Receives the Night (5)
Hill, Martin Roy: The Butcher’s Bill (4)
Jackson, Deborah: The Furies’ Bog (4)
Eagleton, Daniel: The Sweet Oil of Vitriol (4)
Burn, Scott: The Enemy Within (4)
Petch, Angela: Now and Then in Tuscany (4)
Lander, Lex: The Man Who Hunted Himself (5)
Adams, Pete: Ghost and Ragman Roll (4)

Mutter, Joy: The Hostile Game (5)
Powell, Julie Elizabeth: Weird: A Henry Ian Darling Oddity: Missive One (4)
Cribbs, Greta: Primogénito (4)
James, Maggie: Sister, Psychopath (4)
Felix, Matthew: A Voice Beyond Reason (4)
New, J: The Curse of Arundel Hall (5)
Walker, Tim: Ambrosius: Last of the Romans (4)
Brass, Egan: Esper Files (DNR)
Mathis, Le Ann: The Magician’s Dream (4)
Dellenbusch,Thomas: Chase – The Hunt for a King (4)

Gascoigne, Laura: The Horse’s Arse (5)
Simmill, JK: Severaine (4)
De Louise, Debbie: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (DNR)
Widmer, Jeff: Mr Magic (4)
Dickenson, Mike: IQ84 (4)
Stine, RL: Goosebumps: Vampire Breath (3)
James, Maggie: After She’s Gone (4)
Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita (5)
Tilbury, Mark: The Abattoir of Dreams (5)
Lahey, Michael and Ian: The 45th Nail (DNR)

Grossman, Cary Marc: Chopin’s Ghost (4)
Lamb, Shelby: Something (DNR)
Bristow-Bailey, Daniel: The Ruins (5)
May, Tam: Gnarled Bones and Other Stories (5)
Evan, Maria and Evan, Max: In The Land of Broken Time: The Incredible Journey (3)
Dellenbusch, Thomas: Chase: The Hunt for the Mute Poetess (4)
Heidtman, Laurel: Bad Girls (4)
Martin, Michael. R: Screams in the Woods (4)
Craven, Johanna: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (5)
Various: Holiday Heartwarmers: An Anthology of Short Stories (4)

Alderson, Jennifer: The Lover’s Portrait (4)
Ross, Orna: After the Rising (5)
Herbert, James: Creed (5)
Nabavian, Michael and Wall, Phil: Gary’s Guide to Life (5)
Carter, Stephen J: Storyworks Monthly (5)
Crouch, Robert: Fisher’s Fables (5)
Joy, Mutter: Holiday for the Hostile (5)
James, Maggie: His Kidnapper’s Shoes (5)
Helford, Jason: From a Killer’s Mind (DNR)
Lopez, Sandra: Single Chicas (3)

Milling, Declan: After the Texans (5)
Griffiths, Shaun: Changing Times (5)
Richmond, S.C: The Community (4)
Dahlhaus, Jacky: Living Like a Vampire (5)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Toxic Minds (4)
Dixon, Keith: Storey (5)
Critchton, Michael: Jurassic Park (5)
Aiken, Joan: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (5)
Febry, Diana J: Who Killed Vivien Morse (4)
Lander, Lex: I Kill (5)

Yarde, Mary Anne: The Du Lac Chronicles (4)
Craney, Glen: The Virgin of the Wind Rose (4)
Cooke Hogan, Fiona: The Lights Went Out (4)
Barclay, Alex: Killing Ways (5)
Moriarty, Liane: The Husband’s Secret (5)
Vega, Caspar: The Pink Beetle (5)
Sugarman, Tina: Horse Flesh (3)
Lucas, Rachel: Wildflower Bay (5)
Patterson, James: NYPD Red (3)
Boiani, David: A Thin Line (4)

Pepper, Andrew: The Last Days of Newgate (5)
Ward, Tom: Dead Dogs and Splintered Hearts (5)
Brownlie, Sharon: Betrayal (4)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Deadly Secrets (4)
McMaster, Kathryn: Who Killed Little Johnny Gill? (4)
Campbell Rees, John: Summertime Blue (DNR)
Paul, Cecilia: Elizabeth, Just 16 (3)
China, Max: The Sister (DNR)
Thornton, Rosie: Sandilands (5)
Griffith-Jones, AJ: Prisoner 4374 (5)

Camus, Albert: The Plague (3)
Mullen, Owen: Old Friends and New Enemies (4)
Lander, Lex: End as an Assassin (5)
C. Eddy, Jeffy: An American Song (DNR)
Cleeves, Ann: Raven Black (5)
Stone, Barry: Barking at Winston (3)
Goodman, Ruth: How to Be a Victorian (5)
Horowitz, Anthony: House of Silk (5)
Dolan, Eva: Long Way Home (5)
Salote, Ana: Oy Yew (5)

Grossey, Susan: Fatal Forgery (5)
Franzen, Jonathan: The Corrections (5)
Gibbons, Stella: Cold Comfort Farm (5)
McVeigh, Paul: The Good Son (5)
James, Maggie: Blackwater Lake (3)
Kasasian, MRC: The Mangle Street Murders (4)
McDonald, MP: No Good Deeds (4)
King, Stephen: Night Shift (4)
Hudson, Eva: Run Girl (3)
Carter, Stephen, J: Storm Ring (4)

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