Bedside Table

What I’m reading and what I’ve read…

As Stephen King says in his book On Writing:

If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others:
Read a lot and write a lot.

bedside tableI’m an avid reader and my bedside table is piled high with whatever I’m reading at the moment, plus all those I plan to read next. I read both ebooks and paperbacks and my TBR list includes classics, favourite authors and indie publications. My reviews are interspersed with my regular blog posts (see my Blog).

I give each book a mark out of five – 5 indicating an intellectually stimulating read, 1 being more in the line of brain freeze, though I will usually only write reviews where I can award at least 3 stars. (The abbreviation DNRV next indicates that I read it but did not feel able to write a review). If you’re an author or publisher interested in requesting a review, check out my submissions procedure.

Bookwise, I tend to jump from one author/subject to another, and before someone else mentions it, I do know there are books here that I probably should have read years ago, but what can I say? I’m catching up.

Currently Reading

Greene, Graham: The Third Man
Dalhaus, Jacky: Killing a Vampire
Colqhoun, Kate: Mr Briggs’ Hat
May, Tam: The Order of Actaeon

Reviewed Books

Keith, Dixon: One Punch (5)

Summerscale, Kate: The Wicked Boy (5)
Herbert, James: The Rats (5)
Twain, Mark: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (5)
Dawson, Mark: The Cleaner (5)
Six, David: Look Fast or Die Slow (5)
Kozma, Andrew: A Passport to a Nation of Talking Slugs and Other Stories (4)
San Giacomo, Ernesto Ragged Souls (5)
Leather, Stephen: Nightfall (5)
O’Hare, Brian: 11:05 Murders (4)
Preston, John: A Very English Scandal (5)

Crouch, Robert: No Bodies (5)
Beaton MC: Death of a Gossip (3)
Needham, Jake: The Ambassador’s Wife (5)
Mutter, Joy: Random Bullets (4)
Hartje, Shawn: Pipeliner (3)
Graham, Peter: Anne Perry and the Murder of the Century (5)
Mutter, Joy: Confronting the Hostile (Audiobook) (5)
Six, David: For Weeds Will Grow (5)
King, Stephen: The Dark Half (5)
Harper, Peter: Cascade (5)

Hogan-Gulliver, Faye: Noctis: Transcendal Series (DNRV)
Bradbury, Ray: Fahrenheit 451 (DNRV)
Harris, Thomas: The Silence of the Lambs (5)
English, Lucy: Girl Ghosted: A Penny Wade Mystery (4)
Mutter, Joy: Confronting the Hostile (5)
Crouch, Robert: No Accident (5)
King, Stephen: The Running Man (5)
Dahlhaus, Jacky: Raising a Vampire (5)
Thomas, Valerie: Ashes to Ashes (DNRV)
Harris, Thomas: Red Dragon (5)

Tomlinson, Dave: Around the World in 80 Tales (4)
Skate, Martin: Start Right Here (DNRV)
Earle, Robert: She Receives the Night (5)
Hill, Martin Roy: The Butcher’s Bill (4)
Jackson, Deborah: The Furies’ Bog (4)
Eagleton, Daniel: The Sweet Oil of Vitriol (4)
Burn, Scott: The Enemy Within (4)
Petch, Angela: Now and Then in Tuscany (4)
Lander, Lex: The Man Who Hunted Himself (5)
Adams, Pete: Ghost and Ragman Roll (4)

Mutter, Joy: The Hostile Game (5)
Powell, Julie Elizabeth: Weird: A Henry Ian Darling Oddity: Missive One (4)
Cribbs, Greta: Primogénito (4)
James, Maggie: Sister, Psychopath (4)
Felix, Matthew: A Voice Beyond Reason (4)
New, J: The Curse of Arundel Hall (5)
Walker, Tim: Ambrosius: Last of the Romans (4)
Brass, Egan: Esper Files (DNRV)
Mathis, Le Ann: The Magician’s Dream (4)
Dellenbusch,Thomas: Chase – The Hunt for a King (4)

Gascoigne, Laura: The Horse’s Arse (5)
Simmill, JK: Severaine (4)
De Louise, Debbie: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (DNRV)
Widmer, Jeff: Mr Magic (4)
Dickenson, Mike: IQ84 (4)
Stine, RL: Goosebumps: Vampire Breath (3)
James, Maggie: After She’s Gone (4)
Nabokov, Vladimir: Lolita (5)
Tilbury, Mark: The Abattoir of Dreams (5)
Lahey, Michael and Ian: The 45th Nail (DNRV)

Grossman, Cary Marc: Chopin’s Ghost (4)
Lamb, Shelby: Something (DNRV)
Bristow-Bailey, Daniel: The Ruins (5)
May, Tam: Gnarled Bones and Other Stories (5)
Evan, Maria and Evan, Max: In The Land of Broken Time: The Incredible Journey (3)
Dellenbusch, Thomas: Chase: The Hunt for the Mute Poetess (4)
Heidtman, Laurel: Bad Girls (4)
Martin, Michael. R: Screams in the Woods (4)
Craven, Johanna: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (5)
Various: Holiday Heartwarmers: An Anthology of Short Stories (4)

Alderson, Jennifer: The Lover’s Portrait (4)
Ross, Orna: After the Rising (5)
Herbert, James: Creed (5)
Nabavian, Michael and Wall, Phil: Gary’s Guide to Life (5)
Carter, Stephen J: Storyworks Monthly (5)
Crouch, Robert: Fisher’s Fables (5)
Joy, Mutter: Holiday for the Hostile (5)
James, Maggie: His Kidnapper’s Shoes (5)
Helford, Jason: From a Killer’s Mind (DNRV)
Lopez, Sandra: Single Chicas (3)

Milling, Declan: After the Texans (5)
Griffiths, Shaun: Changing Times (5)
Richmond, S.C: The Community (4)
Dahlhaus, Jacky: Living Like a Vampire (5)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Toxic Minds (4)
Dixon, Keith: Storey (5)
Critchton, Michael: Jurassic Park (5)
Aiken, Joan: The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (5)
Febry, Diana J: Who Killed Vivien Morse (4)
Lander, Lex: I Kill (5)

Yarde, Mary Anne: The Du Lac Chronicles (4)
Craney, Glen: The Virgin of the Wind Rose (4)
Cooke Hogan, Fiona: The Lights Went Out (4)
Barclay, Alex: Killing Ways (5)
Moriarty, Liane: The Husband’s Secret (5)
Vega, Caspar: The Pink Beetle (5)
Sugarman, Tina: Horse Flesh (3)
Lucas, Rachel: Wildflower Bay (5)
Patterson, James: NYPD Red (3)
Boiani, David: A Thin Line (4)

Pepper, Andrew: The Last Days of Newgate (5)
Ward, Tom: Dead Dogs and Splintered Hearts (5)
Brownlie, Sharon: Betrayal (4)
Bickerstaff, Gordon: Deadly Secrets (4)
McMaster, Kathryn: Who Killed Little Johnny Gill? (4)
Campbell Rees, John: Summertime Blue (DNRV)
Paul, Cecilia: Elizabeth, Just 16 (3)
China, Max: The Sister (DNRV)
Thornton, Rosie: Sandilands (5)
Griffith-Jones, AJ: Prisoner 4374 (5)

Camus, Albert: The Plague (3)
Mullen, Owen: Old Friends and New Enemies (4)
Lander, Lex: End as an Assassin (5)
C. Eddy, Jeffy: An American Song (DNRV)
Cleeves, Ann: Raven Black (5)
Stone, Barry: Barking at Winston (3)
Goodman, Ruth: How to Be a Victorian (5)
Horowitz, Anthony: House of Silk (5)
Dolan, Eva: Long Way Home (5)
Salote, Ana: Oy Yew (5)

Grossey, Susan: Fatal Forgery (5)
Franzen, Jonathan: The Corrections (5)
Gibbons, Stella: Cold Comfort Farm (5)
McVeigh, Paul: The Good Son (5)
James, Maggie: Blackwater Lake (3)
Kasasian, MRC: The Mangle Street Murders (4)
McDonald, MP: No Good Deeds (4)
King, Stephen: Night Shift (4)
Hudson, Eva: Run Girl (3)
Carter, Stephen, J: Storm Ring (4)

Stanton, Dave: Stateline (3)
Connelly, Michael: The Black Echo (5)
Mantel, Hilary: Bring Up the Bodies (5)
Hayder, Mo: Poppet (5)
McBride, Stewart: Shatter the Bones (4)
McDermid, Val: A Darker Domain (4)
Norton, Mary: Bedknobs and Broomsticks (3)
Flaubert, Gustave: Madame Bovary (3)
James, Lawrence: The Rise and Fall of the British Empire (4)
Keel, John A: The Mothman Prophesies (2)

Billingham, Mark: Sleepyhead (5)
Hornby, Nick: A Long Way Down (3)
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia: Chronicle of a Death Foretold (5)
Atkinson, Kate: Life After Life (4)
Child, Lee: The Hard Way (4)
Seacole, Mary: The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands (4)
Orwell, George: Burmese Days (4)
Hegi, Ursula: The Worst Thing I’ve Done (4)
Welsh, Louise: Naming the Bones (5)
Miller, Sue: The Senator’s Wife (4)

Austen, Jane: Pride and Prejudice (3)
Chandler, Raymond: Farewell My Lovely (4)
Mantel, Hilary: Wolf Hall (4)
May, Peter: The Blackhouse (3)
Child, Lee: One Shot (4)
King, Stephen: 11.22.63 (5)
MacBride, Stuart: Dark Blood (4)
Child, Lee: The Enemy (4)
King, Stephen: The Shining (5)
Walker, Alice: The Colour Purple (4)

Chandler, Raymond: The Big Sleep (4)
Shaffer, Mary Ann: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (4)
Moss, Alan & Skinner, Keith: The Victorian Detective (4)
King, Stephen: On Writing (5)
Kueishi, Hanif: Intimacy (4)
King, Stephen: The Green Mile (5)
Child, Lee: Persuader (4)
Lessing, Doris: The Good Terrorist (5)
Child, Lee: Without Fail (4)
Jenkins, Simon: A Short History of England (4)

Grisham, John: Runaway Jury (4)
Child, Lee: Echo Burning (4)
Atkinson, Kate: Behind the Scenes at the Museum (4)
Bolton, Sharon: Dead Scared (5)
MacBride, Stuart: Blind Eye (4)
Child, Lee: The Visitor (4)
Child, Lee: Tripwire (4)
MacBride, Stuart: Broken Skin (4)
Child, Lee: Die Trying (4)
Picard, Lisa: Restoration London: Everyday Life in the 1660’s (4)

Child, Lee: Killing Floor (5)
Edge, Christopher: Shadows of the Silver Screen (4)
MacBride, Stuart: Dying Light (4)
Davies, Martin: The Conjuror’s Bird (5)
MacBride, Stuart: Cold Granite (4)
Wingfield, JD: Frost at Christmas (4)
Shaben, Carol: Into the Abyss (5)
Chandler, Raymond: The Big Sleep (4)
Nesbo, Jo: Redbreast (4)
Conan Doyle, Arthur: The Return of Sherlock Holmes (4)