BookNews No 4: June 2021


After taking a wee break from my Holmes and Watson spoof, I’m now working on the second half of Volume 6. Here’s a preview of the cover for The Watson Letters Vol 6: The Haunting of Roderick Usher.


My most recent author interview was with NFReads, where I talk about book titles, covers and bad reviews. You can check it out here.


Meanwhile, I’m still busy with three other books. Don’t forget, you can read excerpts from the next Rosie Robson book as well book 5 in the Terry Bell Mysteries on my Work In Progress page.

BookNews No 3: May 2021


Black Witch Moon is out now and currently on Amazon and Smashwords at 99c/99p. It will revert to the normal price in a few weeks.


As well as book 3 in the Christie McKinnon Adventures, I’m busy with the next Rosie Robson mystery, Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow. (You can read an excerpt from Red Snow on my WIP page.)

Not content with having two books on the go, I’ve been thinking about book 5 in the Terry Bell Mysteries series. I’ve had the title for it for a while, and though this is usually enough to get me started, I had no idea what the cover would look like. As getting the cover sorted is a big part of how I create my stories, I thought I’d better get some ideas together.

Initially, the title didn’t suggest anything specific, so I tried to come up with different ways of doing it that fitted in with all the previous covers. Eventually I came up with the idea of a piece of notepaper and that sparked several ideas about where the story could go. At the moment, all I know is that Terry will get involved in a 30-year-old mystery that finds him digging into his own past and unearthing some unpleasant memories.

Here’s the cover:

BookNews No 2: April 2021

A few days ago Vince Stevenson invited me onto Boomers on Books for an interview about my writing – most specifically talking about the background to the first book in my Terry Bell Mysteries series:

As promised, here’s the cover for the next Rosie Robson Murder Mystery – Blood on the Tyne: Red Snow.

Returning home after a night out, Rosie and a pal discover a body hidden in on a luggage trolley at Newcastle Central Station. Naturally, she can’t resist getting involved…

BookNews – No 1: April 2021

Including: a brand-new short story, news of my forthcoming books, and my part in the Reading Between the Lines Online Book Festival..


I’m still working on my first horror novel for adults – Black Witch Moon is almost finished and will soon be winging its way to my editor.

Book #3 in my children’s adventure series featuring Christie McKinnon is also under way. The Phantom of Fiddler’s Lane should be out in the summer.

The covers for the next two books in the Blood on the Tyne series and the Terry Bell Mysteries will be revealed here very soon and both books should be out in a few months.


Recently, I took part in the Reading Between the Lines Online Book Festival. You can watch my session chatting with fellow crime authors Paul Toolan and Graham Smith on YouTube.


I’ve just written a brand-new short story called ‘The New Girl’.

Working with a new assistant, a horror writer considers the implications of his stories.

You can download it FREE to your preferred reading device – just click the image. (If you’d prefer, it’ll also be available to download from Smashwords in a couple of weeks.)

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