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‘Death of a Gossip’ by MC Beaton

Death of a Gossip (Audiobook) Gossip columnist Lady Jane Winters rubs everyone up the wrong way when she joins a fishing class in the quiet village of Lochdubh. Her scathing comments prompt many of the group members to wish her ill will, and local constable Hamish Macbeth isn’t surprised when she turns up dead. But…

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‘Blood Bath’ by Stephen Leather

Blood Bath (Audiobook) Supernatural detective Jack Nightingale faces a demonic killer when he investigates a series of gory deaths in a Brighton hotel. Along with his sidekick Jenny, Nightingale must find a way to tempt the monster into a trap, but what will the shrewd sleuth use for bait? Stephen Leather is a bestselling thriller…

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‘Random Bullets’ by Joy Mutter

Random Bullets (Audiobook) A gunman runs amok in a London park killing apparently random victims. But what could have provoked such monstrous behaviour? Moving through several locations and a myriad of ordinary (and not so ordinary) characters, the story gradually slots the pieces into place to track the series of events that lead to one…

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