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‘The Dead American’ by Jake Needham

My Review (5 stars out of 5) When an American software engineer is found hanged in his Singapore apartment, the police quickly log it as a suicide and close the case. However, journalist Emma Lazar thinks otherwise and calls on Inspector Sam Tay for help, believing the police are covering up something more sinister. Trouble…

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‘Crime and Justice’ by Martin Bodenham

***** NB This post first appeared as part of a Damppebbles Blog Tour. When the son of a hard-hearted Seattle mayor is accused of rape, it throws his mother’s candidacy for state governor into jeopardy. Meanwhile, crime-lab worker Clark is in trouble—with mounting debts and a threat to his wife’s career, the possibility of smoothing…

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‘How the Wired Weep’ by Ian Patrick

**** Covert ops detective Ed needs a network of informants. Recruiting Ben, a young man recently released from prison, he must find a way for them to work together. However, vicious gang leader Troy soon drops them into a difficult situation, putting them both at risk. Battling their individual loyalties, can the two men fight…

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