Category: Characters

‘The Community’ by S C Richmond

The Community When a body is found in Charmsbury park, journalist Alex sets out to learn the woman’s identity. However, the mystery quickly leads her into a complex story spanning fifty years. Meanwhile, still mourning his lost love, Jack finds he has more pressing concerns than a nosy reporter – the death of a friend…

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‘The Lights Went Out and Other Stories’ by Fiona Cooke Hogan

The Lights Went Out and Other Stories Taking the ordinary and everyday, Ms Hogan weaves her fictions around seemingly unexciting people and commonplace occurrences, creating recognisable and occasionally extraordinary stories, that reflect the feelings and obsessions we all encounter from time to time. From the petty arguments and disagreements in ‘Table By the Window’ and…

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‘Horse Flesh’ by Tina Sugarman

Horse Flesh A brilliant harness horse driver risks losing everything because of a drug habit, while the Director of Racing struggles to rid the industry of its dirty tricks and dodgy practices. In this epic tale from the world of competitive Standardbred horse racing, this is a story of riders, trainers, mounties and mysterious strangers.…

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