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‘The Lover’s Portrait’ by Jennifer S. Alderson

The Lover’s Portrait Threatened by Nazi blackmailers, a Dutch art dealer conceals stock from his gallery leaving a tangled trail of clues to art treasures buried somewhere in Amsterdam. Years later, when art history student Zelda Richardson gets an internship at a prestigious Amsterdam Museum, she takes on the job of tracking down the history…

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Author Interview – Jacky Dahlhaus

Australian-born writer Jacky Dahlhaus is the author of the ‘Suckers’ series, starting with her first book, ‘Living Like a Vampire’. When did you first become interested in writing and publishing your own work? I only began writing one-and-a-half years ago and never thought about publishing until I finished my first novel. It was completely new…

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‘Holiday for the Hostile’ by Joy Mutter

Holiday for the Hostile: Book Two of the Hostile series Following on from Book 1 (The Hostile), where 12-year-old Serena meets powerful entity Tile X, the story continues as the family and their dead relatives decide to take a holiday to Ireland. Needless to say, staying in a remote village in a grotty house with…

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