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Author Interview – Elizabeth Jade

Children’s writer Elizabeth explains how living with Aspergers Syndrome has influenced her writing… Do you write to please your readers or to please yourself? Actually, I write to empty my head before it explodes – well that’s what it feels like sometimes. My head is full of story ideas, part written stories, or sometimes what…

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‘Wonder Boys’ by Michael Chabon

Wonder Boys Over-sexed, pot-bellied, pot-smoking, ageing novelist Grady Tripp struggles to finish the novel he’s been working on for several years. With an eager editor tucking at his coattails, and his long-time lover demanding a decision on their relationship, Tripp is faced with a series of challenges that could make or break his marriage, his…

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‘Storm of Divine Light’ by Ernesto San Giacomo

Storm of Divine Light When the Orb of the First Light is stolen from a monastery, the monks charged with guarding the powerful weapon are desperate to recover it. Teaming up with his friend Cyril the Wise. former ace rogue Dagorat takes on the dangerous quest. Travelling across the continent to his previous home of…

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