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Indie Author Interview – Michaelbrent Collings

Award-winning international best-selling horror author Michaelbrent Collings explains how he got into horror and why indie authors need to try just that little bit harder… Thinking back to when you started writing, what are common mistakes new writers make? Ugh. So many. Or maybe that was just me. Probably one of the biggest mistakes new…

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‘Oy Yew’ by Ana Salote

Oy Yew Nabbed by waif-catchers in the alley where he spends his days sniffing bread and dreaming of floury loafs, Oy Yew is dragged in front of the wiry-haired Mrs Rutheday who sets him to work at bench 54. Oy meets Linnet Pale, a colour-drained girl who becomes his first friend. But assembling unknown items…

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