Category: Crime

‘All That Remains’ by Patricia Cornwell

My Review (5 stars out of 5) A serial killer leaves a young couple dead in the woods, producing yet another murder where Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta cannot establish the cause of death. With the latest murder involving the daughter of a powerful woman who wants answers, Kay finds herself in a difficult position.…

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‘The Poisonous Solicitor’ by Stephen Bates

My Review (5 stars out of 5) In 1922, solicitor Major Herbert Rowse Armstrong was tried and found guilty of killing his wife by poisoning her with arsenic. Hanged for her murder, the case caused a scandal not only in Hay-on-Wye where he lived but across the whole country.  My first introduction to this story…

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‘Catch Me If You Can’ by Frank W. Abagnale with Stan Redding

My Review (3 stars out of 5) (Audiobook) In the nineteen sixties, American Frank W. Abagnale, while utilising several aliases, became one of the cleverest con men the world has ever seen. Posing as an airline pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, and sociology professor, he forged thousands of cheques, stayed free of charge in hundreds…

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