Category: Crime

‘Screams in the Woods’ by Michael R Martin

Screams in the Woods Private detective Christine Lynch finds herself immersed in history when she takes on the case of two missing men. Beginning her investigation into a 19th-century mine explosion, she must discover what links the disaster with the men’s disappearance. However, she soon realises that unearthing the truth could put her own life…

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‘Who Killed Vivien Morse?’ by Diana J Febry

Who Killed Vivien Morse (DCI Hatherall Book 4) When young social worker Vivien Morse is found battered to death in Silver Lady Woods, suspicion immediately falls on her estranged husband. However, when Vivien’s supervisor also disappears, the case begins to get a little complicated. Police follow the trail to Vivien’s last client – a disturbed…

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‘I Kill’ by Lex Lander

I Kill (Andre Warner, Manhunter) Haunted by the death of a young Italian girl, professional killer André Warner attempts to retire from his deadly occupation, however, with nothing else to do but indulge in drink, drugs and sex, he finally consents to another contract: the assassination of an Arab drug trafficker. With any luck, the…

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