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Indie Author Interview – Ken Stark

Canadian-born author Ken Stark grew up on a diet on comic books and disaster movies so it’s no surprise that he ended up writing horror novels. Dig in for a scary ride… You are known mainly for writing horror, so what scares you? Not much, actually. I can imagine myself getting scared in certain situations,…

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Indie Author Interview – Joy Mutter

From paranormal and psychological crime thrillers, to autobiographies and non-fiction, she’s done it all. So who is the real Joy Mutter? For the Hostile series you created a rather unusual entity as its villain – where did this idea come from? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. My overactive imagination kicked into overdrive…

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‘London Large: Blood on the Streets’ by G & R Robson

London Large: Blood on the Streets Top cop DI Harry Hawkins finds himself stuck in the middle of on an international gang war in central London, but his past and the media conspire to get in the way of catching the bad guys. With a possible conspiracy in the offing and a level of violence…

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