Category: Dystopian

‘Domain’ by James Herbert

Domain Following a nuclear war, a handful of survivors struggle to stay alive away from the devastation and radioactive dust. In a government hideaway, helicopter pilot Culver and a disparate group of engineers, doctors and civil servants begin fighting among themselves as the pressure of being cooped up underground threatens to tear apart their unstable…

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‘Eden Chip’ by Scott Cramer

Eden Chip With programmable chips implanted into every human brain, there should be no reason why anyone has to be sad, worried, angry or distressed. But not everyone wants to have their emotions controlled, and eighteen-year-old Raissa sets out change things, ending the power wielded by the mysterious Petrov and his regime. But can she…

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‘Blue Skin’ by Steven Jenkins

Blue Skin A mysterious disease is encroaching on the human race, creating new vampiric hybrids. With a ban on reproduction, anyone giving birth to the new blue-skinned babies must hand over their offspring to the Government – or face dire consequences. For Freya, keeping her brother hidden is the only real option. Billed as ‘A…

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