Category: Fantasy

‘Rivers of London’ by Ben Aaronovitch

***** Probationary cop Peter Grant longs for an interesting transfer in the Metropolitan Police Service, but after a strange encounter with Nicholas Wallpenny (who happens to be a ghost), what he gets is something unexpected. Learning that his new inspector is also a bit of a wizard, Grant finds himself talking to dead people, casting…

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‘The Lost Sentinel’ by Suzanne Rogerson

**** NB This post first appeared on the Blog Tour for ‘’The Lost Sentinel’ via Rachel’s Random Resources. My Review (Audiobook) Forced to hide her magical powers from the ruling Assembly of Kalaya, Tei and her father are warned that they must flee to stay safe. Embarking on a journey to seek out other exiles,…

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‘Ghost Story’ by Peter Straub

***** The elderly members of The Chowder Society meet regularly to tell each other stories, but after one of their number dies, the stories become more ghoulish in nature. More disturbingly, each of the remaining members begins to experience similar, nightmarish, dreams. Contacting the nephew of their dead friend, they find he also has something…

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