Category: Humour

‘IQ84’ by Mike Dickenson

IQ84 A terrorist releases a biological weapon attacking anyone unfortunate enough to be smarter than the average bear. Such people are rewarded with an exploding head, which, apart from anything else, makes an awful mess at the mall. When David Dingle (who isn’t all that bright), finds himself targeted as the perpetrator of these activities,…

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Author Interview – Jacky Dahlhaus

Australian-born writer Jacky Dahlhaus is the author of the ‘Suckers’ series, starting with her first book, ‘Living Like a Vampire’. When did you first become interested in writing and publishing your own work? I only began writing one-and-a-half years ago and never thought about publishing until I finished my first novel. It was completely new…

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‘Gary’s Guide to Life’ by Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall

Gary’s Guide to Life Wanna-be self-help guru Gary Speedwell is going to be a success. At least, that’s the plan, and by following his own set of motivational strategies (inspired by personal-development authority Marshall Brewster), there’s no stopping him. Or at least, there won’t be if he can get things sorted out with ex-wife Kim…

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