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‘Die Every Day’ by Gordon Bickerstaff

Die Every Day When Gavin Shawlens finds himself on a murder charge, he admits he’s to blame. With all the evidence pointing directly at him, it seems the only option is to plead guilty. But if he goes the other way, the consequences for the Government could be catastrophic, so to ensure Gavin doesn’t escape…

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Best Reads of 2019

Over the course of the last twelve months, I’ve read 97 books. This includes paperbacks, eBooks, hardbacks and a few audiobooks, but doesn’t include those where I gave up after the first couple of chapters. What follows is a list of some of the more memorable reads, though isn’t intended to be definitive or in…

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‘Storm of Divine Light’ by Ernesto San Giacomo

Storm of Divine Light When the Orb of the First Light is stolen from a monastery, the monks charged with guarding the powerful weapon are desperate to recover it. Teaming up with his friend Cyril the Wise. former ace rogue Dagorat takes on the dangerous quest. Travelling across the continent to his previous home of…

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