Category: Novels

‘Horse Flesh’ by Tina Sugarman

Horse Flesh A brilliant harness horse driver risks losing everything because of a drug habit, while the Director of Racing struggles to rid the industry of its dirty tricks and dodgy practices. In this epic tale from the world of competitive Standardbred horse racing, this is a story of riders, trainers, mounties and mysterious strangers.…

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‘Wildflower Bay’ by Rachael Lucas

Wildflower Bay Hair stylist Isla’s dream job in an exclusive Edinburgh salon takes a nosedive when she drops a clanger while colouring a customer’s hair. Given two months ‘gardening leave’ by her boss, she suddenly finds herself without a job and without a future. With few friends and not much to look forward to, a…

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‘Betrayal’ by Sharon Brownlie

Betrayal Caught in an endless spiral of rejection and abuse, Helen King is lured into a life of drugs and prostitution. Struggling to relinquish her addiction, she happens upon a former teacher, an encounter that opens up old wounds and sparks a new challenge – retribution. Trailing the teacher to Scotland, Helen sets out to…

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