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‘ ‘Salem’s Lot’ by Stephen King

’Salem’s Lot When writer Ben Mears returns to the town of ‘Salem’s Lot, he hopes to rid himself of a bad experience from his childhood by writing a book about the old Marsten house. But these days things aren’t quite what they seem in the Lot, and Mears learns that the old house has been…

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‘Worship Me’ by Craig Stewart

Worship Me In a quiet country church, a Sunday service becomes a living hell for a group of unsuspecting parishioners. When an ancient entity takes over the congregation claiming it as its own, the horrified churchgoers are shown the power of the Behemoth in all its ghastly detail. With the threat of losing everything –…

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‘Northman’ by JD Hughes

Northman Twelve hundred years in the past, Vikings raid an Anglo-Saxon village, beginning a sinister series of events. When archaeologists Kate and Doctor Weatherall uncover an ancient but puzzling burial site, strange things start to happen. By the time she meets film director Michael, Kate is already the target of an outlandish and terrifying force.…

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