Category: Private Investigator

‘The Hard Swim’ by Keith Dixon

***** During World War Two, a group of SAS soldiers are captured, shot and buried in a forest in the heart of France. Seventy years on, a young woman is targeted by a team of experienced killers who attempt to abduct her following a meeting at Edinburgh Zoo. Fortunately, PI Sam Dyke observes the would-be…

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‘Games People Play’ by Owen Mullen

Games People Play When a thirteen-month-old child is abducted from a beach in Scotland, private investigator Charlie Cameron gets a visit from the girl’s father. Believing he knows who may had taken his daughter, Mark Hamilton is desperate and urges Charlie to track her down. But is this a one-off abduction or part of something…

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‘The Lonely Grave’ by Keith Dixon

The Lonely Grave Private investigator Sam Dyke is called in when the student son of a businessman goes missing. But when Sam tracks the lad down, he begins to uncover a tale of lies and murder that the family have strived to keep hidden for years. Keith Dixon is one of my favourite indie authors,…

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