Category: Satire

‘Wonder Boys’ by Michael Chabon

Wonder Boys Over-sexed, pot-bellied, pot-smoking, ageing novelist Grady Tripp struggles to finish the novel he’s been working on for several years. With an eager editor tucking at his coattails, and his long-time lover demanding a decision on their relationship, Tripp is faced with a series of challenges that could make or break his marriage, his…

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‘The Hound of the D’Urbervilles’ by Kim Newman

The Hound of the D’Urbervilles (Audiobook) Professor Moriarty and his new sidekick Colonel Sebastian (Basher) Moran take on a whole series of dastardly deeds in this tale of Victorian ne’er-do-wells. They team up with a variety of villains, including the wicked Irene Adler (when she turns up with an interesting proposition), encounter the likes of…

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‘IQ84’ by Mike Dickenson

IQ84 A terrorist releases a biological weapon attacking anyone unfortunate enough to be smarter than the average bear. Such people are rewarded with an exploding head, which, apart from anything else, makes an awful mess at the mall. When David Dingle (who isn’t all that bright), finds himself targeted as the perpetrator of these activities,…

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