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‘Noel’ by AJ Griffiths-Jones

***** When a rain-drenched Dutch traveller hitches a lift to a rural French monastery, the monks take care of him. But when the young man dies, detectives Mallery and Hobbs launch an investigation and the monastery’s seventy inmates quickly fall under suspicion. The mystery deepens when the Dutchman’s grandmother arrives, as the old woman introduces…

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Indie Author Interview – AJ Griffiths-Jones

Brought up in a Shropshire village, AJ Griffiths-Jones has done plenty of globe-trotting but it was her interest in Victorian villains that prompted her first non-fiction book… How much time do you typically spend writing each book, and is this different for your research-based books, like Prisoner 4374? Each book takes me between 3-6 months…

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