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Indie Author Interview – Brigitta Moon

Avid reader Brigitta Moon turned to writing to explore her story ideas, but where did her Marston Series begin? What inspired you to write the Marston Thriller series? This is a great question. In the beginning of GUILTY, book one of the series, as an introduction I actually tell the reader how the story came…

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‘The 13th Hour’ by Brigitta Moon

The 13th Hour: A Marston Thriller Mayor Harden has a secret, and someone who knows everything is willing to spill the beans, but with the choice between money and family, which tune will the mayoral puppet dance to? Meanwhile, baseball coach Jessie Owens finds himself arrested and thrown in jail. Can police officers Romero, Billy…

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‘A Husband’s Will of Fortune’ by Brigitta Moon

A Husband’s Will of Fortune A rich husband. A young and bored wife. A will that could change everything. It has never occurred to Emmaline to kill her husband, but a lunch date with her best friend, sets murderous wheels in motion, plunging the young woman into a complex web of sex, deceit and danger.…

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