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‘Killing a Vampire’ by Jacky Dahlhaus

Killing a Vampire In the final installment of the Suckers Trilogy, Kate’s past comes back to haunt her. After a TV appearance, her partner disappears, and while she initially puts it down to a problem in her relationship, as time passes, a more sinister reason sets alarm bells ringing. When the first of a series…

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‘Raising a Vampire’ by Jacky Dahlhaus

Raising a Vampire Set ten years after the events of Black October when a virus transformed ordinary people into ‘suckers’, Kate and Charlie are trying to get on with their lives. However, raising their daughter throws up new challenges – like how to keep Sue’s thirst for blood a secret. When a colleague of Kate’s…

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Author Interview – Jacky Dahlhaus

Australian-born writer Jacky Dahlhaus is the author of the ‘Suckers’ series, starting with her first book, ‘Living Like a Vampire’. When did you first become interested in writing and publishing your own work? I only began writing one-and-a-half years ago and never thought about publishing until I finished my first novel. It was completely new…

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