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Indie Author Interview – Jean Lee

Wild West fan and author Jean Lee explains how she got into horror, fantasy and sci-fi, and why she writes pretty much what she wants to write… Thinking back to when you started writing, were you always interested in fantasy, or have you dabbled in other genres? While I was always drawn to fantasy and…

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‘Night’s Tooth’ by Jean Lee

Night’s Tooth In the Mississippi River Valley, during the latter part of the nineteenth century, bounty hunter Sumac seeks shadowy bandit, Night’s Tooth. However, though gifted with magical powers, Sumac isn’t the only one tracking the mysterious outlaw, and he’ll need to keep his wits about him if he aims to get the better of…

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‘Fallen Princeborn: Stolen, Green Edition’ by Jean Lee

Fallen Princeborn: Stolen Troubled teenage runaway Charlotte escapes her abusive uncle, taking along her whiny sister Anna. When the bus they’re travelling on breaks down, the pair are forced to stay at an old farm where things are not as they appear, and people who aren’t around any more seem to have been erased from…

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