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‘Trouble in Cornwall’ by Joy Mutter

***** Seconded to Cornwall to investigate the kidnapping of Jessie O’Sullivan’s son, DCI Cosgrove and his sex-addict liaison officer, Kate, get themselves into yet more bizarre situations. Book 3 in this powerful erotic thriller series follows on from ‘The Trouble with Liam’ and ‘The Trouble with Trouble’. As with many of this author’s books, this…

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‘The Trouble with Trouble’ by Joy Mutter

***** Set in a Sheffield police station, this is a powerful erotic thriller following on from ‘The Trouble with Liam’. With the invention of a new sexual arousal cream called Trouble, DCI Cosgrove and his sex-addict liaison officer, Kate, find themselves in a bizarre situation. In the hands of a lustful security guard and his…

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Indie Author Interview – Joy Mutter

From paranormal and psychological crime thrillers, to autobiographies and non-fiction, she’s done it all. So who is the real Joy Mutter? For the Hostile series you created a rather unusual entity as its villain – where did this idea come from? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. My overactive imagination kicked into overdrive…

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