Tag: Kent Fisher Mysteries series

‘No Remorse’ by Robert Crouch

No Remorse When Mr Trimble dies in Nightingales retirement home, Kent Fisher is suspicious, and not only because of the puzzling set of numbers the old man left him. Is the death due to natural causes, or could there be something sinister going on? Manager Miss Rudolph doesn’t like answering Kent’s questions, but receptionist Louise…

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‘No Bodies’ by Robert Crouch

No Bodies Environmental health officer and part-time sleuth, Kent Fisher, finds himself caught in the middle of another mystery when he agrees to investigate the disappearance of Daphne Witherington, wife of a family friend. But Daphne isn’t the only missing woman in Downland and Kent is soon rubbing people up the wrong way as he…

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‘Fisher’s Fables’ by Robert Crouch

Fisher’s Fables Environmental Health Manager, Kent Fisher, leads a disparate team of hopeful winners in this tale of hot-desking, agile working, unlikely acronyms and awkward assignations. A well-observed, if episodic, narrative thrusts the protagonist into a world of back-biting and brown-nosing, where keeping the proverbial head above water means negotiating the grinding and occasionally corrupt…

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