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‘Worth Dying For’ by Lee Child

Worth Dying For Travelling across the wilds of Nebraska, Jack Reacher walks into a community where one family controls everything, and no-one dares step out of line. But discovering a twenty-five-year-old mystery involving the disappearance of a young girl, Reacher can’t resist sticking his nose in… This is book number 15 in the Jack Reacher…

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‘No Remorse’ by Robert Crouch

No Remorse When Mr Trimble dies in Nightingales retirement home, Kent Fisher is suspicious, and not only because of the puzzling set of numbers the old man left him. Is the death due to natural causes, or could there be something sinister going on? Manager Miss Rudolph doesn’t like answering Kent’s questions, but receptionist Louise…

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‘The Cleaner’ by Mark Dawson

The Cleaner Secret Government problem solver John Milton sorts out things that the usual agencies can’t touch. When the results of his most recent assassination job begin to prick his conscience, Milton wonders if it’s time to get out and do something different. Trouble is, his boss doesn’t agree – simply leaving the ‘service’ isn’t…

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