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‘The Man Who Hunted Himself’ by Lex Lander

The Man Who Hunted Himself Former Secret Service operative, André Warner, faces a challenge of a different kind when he’s offered a contract by an American racketeer. Trouble is, the job is to kill the assassin who knocked-off the gangster’s own brother. While Andre might have few qualms about taking out a fellow hitman, the…

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‘I Kill’ by Lex Lander

I Kill (Andre Warner, Manhunter) Haunted by the death of a young Italian girl, professional killer André Warner attempts to retire from his deadly occupation, however, with nothing else to do but indulge in drink, drugs and sex, he finally consents to another contract: the assassination of an Arab drug trafficker. With any luck, the…

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‘End As An Assassin’ by Lex Lander

End As An Assassin With the killing of a sleazy drug baron, hit man André Warner completes his final contract and heads for Geneva where he hopes to begin a comfortable retirement. Then on route to Monaco, he meets young and beautiful divorcee Gina, and finds himself contemplating a different future from the one he’d…

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