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‘No Bodies’ by Robert Crouch

No Bodies Environmental health officer and part-time sleuth, Kent Fisher, finds himself caught in the middle of another mystery when he agrees to investigate the disappearance of Daphne Witherington, wife of a family friend. But Daphne isn’t the only missing woman in Downland and Kent is soon rubbing people up the wrong way as he…

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‘No Accident’ by Robert Crouch

No Accident Environmental health officer Kent Fisher gets more than he bargained for when called to investigate a worker’s death at an adventure park. Faced with a gory, but apparently innocent mishap, his particular way of doing things throws him into conflict with his colleagues, his father and a millionaire playboy. Threatened with suspension, Kent…

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‘Fisher’s Fables’ by Robert Crouch

Fisher’s Fables Environmental Health Manager, Kent Fisher, leads a disparate team of hopeful winners in this tale of hot-desking, agile working, unlikely acronyms and awkward assignations. A well-observed, if episodic, narrative thrusts the protagonist into a world of back-biting and brown-nosing, where keeping the proverbial head above water means negotiating the grinding and occasionally corrupt…

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