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Which Twitter Are You?

Warning: Rant Alert! As much as I like Twitter, there’s one thing about certain other Twitterers that bugs me. Let’s begin with a rundown: as far as I can tell, there are six types of folk on Twitter (seven, if you count the Porn Brigade)… What’s-This-For? The folks who set up a Twitter account then…

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How to Tweet Nice

One of the things I love about the online writing community, is how supportive everyone is, promoting each other’s books, blogs and anything else that needs a bit of publicity. However, this bonhomie doesn’t extend to everyone and there are a few writers whose work I regularly re-tweet or otherwise endorse, who rarely (if ever)…

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10 Tweets I Hate About You

It galls me to admit it, but I absolutely love Twitter – I love the variety and randomness of it, the occasional surprises and the nice (or otherwise) responses I get when folks like what I’m putting out there. However, there’s a ton of things I hate about Twitter too, or to be more specific,…

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