‘Gary’s Guide to Life’ by Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall

Gary’s Guide to Life

Wanna-be self-help guru Gary Speedwell is going to be a success. At least, that’s the plan, and by following his own set of motivational strategies (inspired by personal-development authority Marshall Brewster), there’s no stopping him. Or at least, there won’t be if he can get things sorted out with ex-wife Kim and his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Sandra. All he needs is to hook up with a powerful business-minded woman like Louise, and everything’ll be hunky dory.

With its subtitle: ‘How I Am Going to Achieve Phenomenal Success, and How You Can Do the Same’, this is a wonderfully witty and at times utterly hilarious take on all those worthy self-help guides that clog the relationships, counselling and psychology-themed shelves of our bookstores.

‘Gary’s Guide to Life’ is a very readable book, dishing up advice and strategies for improving everything from business meetings to getting to first base with your hoped-for love interest. Each strategy comes with examples from Gary’s own life, tinged, as many of them are, with naivety, enthusiasm and occasionally, moronic self-belief.

Michael Nabavian and Phil Wall are what we Brits like to call ‘Comedy Gold’ and if the pair don’t get their own sitcom in the near future, I’ll be highly surprised. If you like a laugh and a good story into the bargain, this one’ll fit bill very nicely.

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