‘Follow Me Down’ by Shelby Foote

My Review (5 stars out of 5)


God-fearing farmer Luther Eustis gets himself into trouble when he runs off with a young woman. Following a few weeks of bliss, he decides to return to his family but knowing his paramour will chase him back home, he kills her.

Like many readers I first became aware of Shelby Foote through his three-volume epic on the American Civil War and his participation in Ken Burns’ ground-breaking documentary on that subject. First published in 1950, ‘Follow Me Down’ reveals itself through the point of view of several characters. With each one given an authentic Mississippi voice, Foote’s tale was inspired by a real murder trial in the early 1940s. Although we’re told about the murder early on, the motive for the killing comes to light through the narratives of the murderer and the dead woman. With heavy emphasis on old-time-religion, we see how Luther digs himself into what he believes to be an impossible situation and the consequences of his actions when the police catch up with him. Foote’s use of southern colloquialisms and some witty one-liners, keep the story from becoming too mired in its subject matter. Audiobook narrator Tom Parker (aka Grover Gardner) gives an excellent performance, using a variety of realistic and entertaining voices that bring the tale to life.

An enjoyable and thoughtful tale, reflecting the coarse reality of a 1940s Mississippi Delta town

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  2 comments for “‘Follow Me Down’ by Shelby Foote

  1. 06/10/2022 at 6:16 AM

    HI Colin, your review has really caught my eye. I will look for this book on Amazon.


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